Fuel your curiosity

At the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, our Brew Crew is a diverse team of hard-working optimists with a curiosity and passion for learning about our craft, the people we serve, and the world around us.

We are enthusiastic explorers

Together, we eagerly seek ways to discover more about the world so we can deliver better experiences and meaningfully impact our colleagues and customers. The opportunity to grow your skills, your career, and yourself are endless.

We believe in these fundamental truths that guide us through our daily lives at The Coffee Bean & Tea LeafTM: F.R.O.T.H


We go above and beyond in everything we do. Friendliness and customer-centricity is embedded in our culture.


We are inclusive and honor each other’s values, opinions and individual diversity.


We take ownership and accountability for our individual, team and business results.


As a team, we help each other learn and grow and we leverage our diverse strengths to innovate and grow the business.


We live up to the highest levels of integrity by being truthful to the company and transparent with each other and ourselves.

Growing with us

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is on an inspiring journey to become the world’s coffee and tea brand. By joining our Brew Crew, you’ll discover countless ways to contribute in exciting and meaningful ways.

Make a real impact

We are united in our passion for making connections and creating experiences through the daily rituals of coffee and tea. Every day we have limitless opportunities to impact the lives of people—from the fields of our farmers to guests in our cafés.

A thriving, inclusive culture.

We create a warm, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all who join the Brew Crew. We value the diversity and wellbeing of our people, partners, and communities.

Growing great people

At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. From developing expertise in the craft of coffee and tea to gaining valuable career skills— your growth is always a priority.